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"There has always been the option to venture where others do not. From psychiatry to palliative care units and emergencies as well as criminal expertise, training and defence. It is above all the complex interactions between humans which I am passionate about. I have enriched my collection of valuable observations as a result of all those who I have met during my career, and the wide range of places which I have worked at, with clients and patients all over the world. Over time the areas of aggressive behaviour has become a speciality which I am increasingly sought out for both in the world of business and in private life. This is not my only area of work, as more joyful aspects brighten my everyday such as supporting students, career changes, and helping children amongst others. My ethos is that everything is attainable and nothing is impossible, and when you have an understanding of the darker sides of the human character, you’ll understand that optimism, positivity and a smile are my weapons of choice ."

Angelique Laenen

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