Angélique Laenen : Lincensed Psychologist
for companies in Luxembourg

In a professional environment, I share my psychologic and psychometric expertise with companies in Luxembourg.

Why a Psychologist on the workplace ?


In the recruitment process

« At a managerial level, any mistakes in the recruitment process can have significant human and ultimately financial consequences. »

I am trained in specific listening skills, in the various forms of interview techniques (directive, semi-directive, non-directive) on the observation and detection of verbal and non-verbal behaviours. With my experience, I know how to analyse the results of actuarial tools, which can only be used by licensed psychologists and psychiatrists. These tools can efficiently complement interviews and initial observations so as to provide the employer with a global evaluation of a candidate’s personality. This therefore allows companies to mitigate the risk of recruiting an unsuitable candidate.

These tools can efficiently complement interviews and observations so as to provide the employer with a global evaluation scope on the candidate’s personnality. This eventualy and considerably reduces the risk of a recruitment error.


Because a leader is usually on his own

I regularly consult onsite at companies, working with managers on their daily challenges, helping them to develop and strengthen their leadership skills, their communication approach, time management, delegation and, last but not least, their ability to handle stress.


For ongoing training

Organisation, project management, prioritisation, are not instinctive behaviours and they need to be developed! I bring my expertise and create a “made to measure” programmew taking all parties requirements into account.

The aim is to bring focus on the team competencies and to identify and address any shortcomings by promoting team work.


Involvement in crisis situations

« “The workplace is a dynamic living environment which, on occasion, can face challenging times.” »

I help employers and employees through difficult periods such as dismissals, redundancy plans or the death of a staff member.

These emergency procedures are induced and organised for both the management and their staff, either through individual or group sessions.

Because health and well being on the workplace are essential for a smooth running of companies, contact me to arrange for a first meeting within your professional environment.


You wish to know more about my expertise
and the various therapies I propose?

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