Private consultations : for adults, young adults and adolescents

My approach is centred on the person and their respect as well as the individual’s independence.

This fundamentally positive approach promotes a relation of equality between the patient and therapist. 

This is based upon active, empathetic and authentic listerning.

I help my patients in discovering their own personal resources to construct their future personal aims. 

Patients should have the freedom to be who they are, without the fear of being judged, and I offert them a space of freedom where they can finally be « themselves ».

Private consultations for children and young children

I welcome children and young children into an environment which is designed and created for them to feel perfectly secure and at ease. 

My space is their space. Indoor and outdoor games, art, stories, or pets can be integrated into therapy work. 

Expart support

I apply my experience and skills to the psychological support of expat to reduce psychosocial risks linked to their work. 

Support is possible from any place in the world using consultation by videoconference.

Different possible approaches

Different approaches can be planned within the psychology office, for individual, couple or group therapy.

Brief therapy

Inspired by cognitive behavioural therapy, this support will help you to find specific solutions to efficiently and reliably solve the worries that you face.

Long-term therapy

Inspired by psychoanalytical therapy, this approach is based on listening, helping you to progress step by step and at your own pace.

Each method is used in agreement with each of my patients – psychoanalytical therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, coaching and clinical psychological evaluations.

As every individual has their own specific needs, I suggest an initial meeting to work together to find the approach that suits you the best.

Support adapted to each of my patients

Several issues can lead a patient to turn to me for support  :

  • Career change
  • Harmony within families
  • Approach for studies and work (students, academics)
  • Burn out
  • Abuse of power – Harassment
  • Post traumatic stress syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Social skill disorders 


In situations of abuse of power, relationships which are toxic, alienating, or even manipulative, situations within the private, family or professional setting, I teach my patients to identify these behaviours and to observe them in order to understand them better and free themselves.

In specific situations I work in close cooperation with legal advisors in the most serious cases.

In situations of professional burnout, which are extremely common and concern varying stages of intensity, in the simplest cases my assistance touches upon: time management and organisation as well as priority management.

In the most complex cases this will concern the reconstruction of the individual who has lost confidence in themselves and their abilities.

We work on the analysis of career choices and taking up healthy activities.

I will help you all through the process of finding a new job or preparing you to go back to work following sickness leave, etc.

I work in close cooperation with doctors and legal advisors when the situation requires.

For more information regarding all therapeutic approaches