Angélique Laenen : Licensed Psychologist
counselling the Individual

Psychology for Grown ups...

For adults and teens willing to start inner work on themselves, I provide consultations by appointment at my practice in Luxembourg.

My approach centres on you as an individual and is founded on basic human respect allowing you to express yourself in whichever way makes you feel most comfortable. It is a fundamentally positive approach, focusing on establishing a peer-to-peer relationship between you as the patient and myself as the therapist.”

It is a fundamentally positive approach, focusing on establishing a peer-to-peer relationship between you as the patient and myself as the therapist.

Patients are usually unaware of their inner resources and strengths before starting their therapy.  I therefore help you to manage to find the energy within yourself, through Active, Empathetic and Authentic Listening.  This will then enable you to continue with your journey.

I offer a totally free space and safe environment, where there is no pressure and you can feel free to be yourself: you can express yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable, without any fear of judgement or discrimination.


And for the little ones.


I ensure that younger patients feel totally comfortable and secure and that my space becomes their own.  Indoor or outdoor activities, drawings, stories, playing with pets are some of the methods I use to contribute to the success of my therapeutic approach. 




Your psychotherapy with a licensed Psychologist

Within my Psychology practice, several approaches can be compared.


Brief Therapy model

This is a cognitive behavioural-based therapy.  This will provide you with concrete support and realistic and sustainable solutions to your current problems.


Long term Therapy

This adopts a more psychoanalytical approach, focusing on listening and will help you develop yourself step by step and in your own time.

Each method is discussed and agreed with each of my patients: psychoanalytical therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, coaching, clinical psychometric evaluations, …

Because each human being has specific needs, I am available to meet you so that we can choose the best approach.



A made to measure and efficient psychological support

Individual, marriage or group therapy…

Several personal reasons can lead to a call for psychological support:

  • Relationships troubleshooting
  • Crisis within the couple
  • Studying methods for anxious students
  • Social phobias and social competencies disruptions
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Post traumatic stress syndrome
  • Depression and burnout
  • Personality disorders
  • Stress management
  • Addictions

And also :

Situations of dominations, toxic relationships, alienating or manipulating relationships, within the private, familial or professional sphere.

I teach my patients to identify these behaviours, to study them, to better understand them and thus gain freedom. Depending on the situation I collaborate with legal experts.


Burnouts are quite common nowadays and reach different stages. My support focuses on time management, prioritizing and organisation skills for the less serious situations. In more complex cases, we will focus on rebuilding the individual’s self-confidence and his trust in his abilities.   We analyse career paths, encourage the choice of “healthy” activities.   For some I will provide assistance in finding a new professional situation, for others support will be given to go back to work after a long-term illness etc… I work closely with medical and legal experts according to the situations.

During our initial meeting we will define the objectives so that, in line with your personality, the best therapy can be identified.

I am also available via videoconference for long distance consultations. (Skype : ConsultationPsychologieA.Laenen)


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and the various therapies I propose?

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